Handmade in Ethiopia Key of Life Ankh Cross Pendant, Ethnic Jewelry Supplies (AQ241)

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Handmade in Ethiopia Key of Life Ankh Cross Pendant, Ethnic Jewelry Supplies (AQ245)

Pendant measures 115x50 mm in length /4.5x1.96 inch

You will receive a very similar piece to the one you see (ONE of the three)

please keep in mind that these crosses are 100% handmade so they are not identical to each other.

All crosses in my shop are original and made in Ethiopia. they are directly purchased by me or from trusted sources in Ethiopia.
sadly there are many copies sold today that are duplicates of the Ethiopian pendants (some are not even duplicates but "Ethiopian style").
there are few ways to know if a pendant is genuine or not.
In the original Crosses, a mold is only used for the shape of the cross, but all the small details are hand engraved, so each piece is slightly different than the others , no 2 crosses can be 100% identical in the engravings.
the copies of the Ethiopian crosses are made in molds, including the original engraving and the details appear more "flat".
if you see many of the same cross, there are high chances it is a duplicate, as well as a very low price.
Many of the copies appear "perfect"due to the fact they are not actually made by hand.

Made of BRASS

Please keep in mind, this pendant is hand made with old tools and techniques - expect some imperfections that are typical to the hand made nature of this piece.

I do my best to take pictures that reflect the actual color of the beads, but please remember that Actual colors may slightly vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

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